Young stars at Tampere

Would you like to see the future athletic stars on track? Great possibility to do that is the IAAF World U20 Championships in mid July at Tampere stadium.

For example London 2017 World Championships 200 meter finalist Japanese Abdul Hakim Sani Brown, who run at the age of 18 results 10,05 at 100 meter and 20,32 at 200 meter. Swedish pole vaulter Armand Duplantis jumped last summer at the age of 17 result 590. The list of top athletes can be continued with Cuban Maykel D. Masson who were fifth at London 2017 long jump final. He jumped last summer 833 and won previous U20 Championships in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Fast runners at track; McLaughlin, Hill, Cooper

On of the stars at Tampere can be also 400m hurdles junior world record 53,82 holder American Sydney McLaugh and previous 100m U20 champion American Candace Hill. Her record is 10,98 and last summer 11,23. Mens 400m American star Tyrese Cooper have ran previous summer at the age of 17 time 45,23 and last summer 45,38. From Jamaica can participate mens 110m hurdles U18 World Champion Dejour Russell who´s record is 13,32.

Top speed at long distance races

Long distance runs have also long been at the top level in junior World Championships. Kenyan Justus Soget, 18, have run 1500 meters 3.32,97 or 5000 meter defending champion Ethiopian Selemon Barega, 18, record is 12.55,58. At the Kenyan team can also be womens steeplechase junior world record, 8.58,78 , holder Cellphine Chespol who is defending her U20 gold and was sixth at London 2017 Championships.

Bydgoszcz winner at womens 800 meter race American Sammy Watson have run 2.00,65 and can also be seen in Tampere.

Throwers like American shot putter Adrian Piper record with 6kg shot is 20,80 and British Jake Norris have thrown 6-kilo hammer 78,09. Turkish Ismet Pekbak´s record with mens javelin is 75,27.