Tampere Stadium is easy to reach by public transport, by bike or by foot. There number of free parking spaces are limited in the Tampere city centre. Regardless there are several chargeable 24h parking garages in the city centre, read more: www.finnpark.fi

Opening hours

Stadium area is open every day according to the following timetables. We recommend spectators arrive to the stadium early enough as it might take some time.


8.30 – 12.00 and 15 – 20.00


8.30 – 14.00 and 15.30 – 21.00


9.00 – 12.00 and 17.00 – 22.00


9.00 – 14.00 and 17.00 – 22.00


9.00 – 17.30


12.30 – 16.00


Ticket sale

There are ticket offices at the gates, where visitors can pay with cash, bank card or credit card.

NB! To avoid queues we recommend visitors to buy their tickets in advance from Lippupiste ticket offices or from www.lippu.fi


The spectators are allowed to leave the Stadium area during the day, and enter again later during the day by showing their tickets.

Tickets that have already been paid for cannot be changed or reclaimed. The organiser does not compensate for lost, damaged or stolen tickets. Resale of the tickets is forbidden. Tickets must not be used to promotion of sales or as lottery or give away prizes without the permission of the organiser.

If there are obscurities in the visitors ticket, he or she should contact the info point in the event expo area.


Those who need assistance because using a wheelchair, having a visual impairment or other apparent health condition can take one assistant with them using the same ticket. Please prepare to demonstrate the need of the assistant at the entry. Those with visual impairment should have a Certificate of Vision Impairment with them. If you have any questions about competence issues, please contact tiina.haapanen@tampere2018.com


First Aid

You can find our First Aid tent in the expo area, close to the Laukonsilta bridge. We will help with all health-related questions and direct you to the proper care, if the issue can’t be solved at our First Aid tent. Our medical center Pihlajalinna Koskiklinikka is located only a few hundred meters from the Ratina stadium. Several experienced general practitioners and specialists are on call daily.

Opening hours / Acute care, injuries (without appointment)

Monday–Friday 8.00–20.00 Saturday–Sunday 10.00–16.00

Phone number +358 10 312 149


Pihlajalinna Koskiklinikka, Koskikeskus-shopping center, Hatanpään valtatie 1



Security inspections are carried out at the entrance gates. The ticket holder should be able to prove his/her identity by showing a valid identity card if required. The organisers have a right to ban those who cause disturbance or break given orders from getting to the Stadium area. These people can furthermore be removed from the area entirely.

Please follow the instructions given by the organisers and security officers in case of emergency.

If you notice an accident occurring, or any other security issue, please inform the security officers as soon as possible.

Baby carriage and cloakroom

Baby carriages are not allowed to grandstands or corridors. Carriages can be left near the entrance gates at visitors own risk.

There are no cloakrooms or baggage storage at the Stadium. The forbidden items are removed from the visitors at the entrance gates and thrown away.

Forbidden items

To use umbrellas in the grandstands is forbidden. We recommend expendable raincoats.

Bringing alcohol drinks to grandstands is forbidden. It is not allowed to bring in items applicable to hurt others. Explosives are strictly forbidden.


Around the event area and in it´s surroundings there are the official photographers taking photos and videos. The photos and videos are used in event marketing, in social media and on the website www.tampere2018.com.

Furthermore there are several accredited photographers from all over the world taking photos in the event area. Visitors are allowed to take photos. It is forbidden to take video equipment or recorders to the Stadium.

Restaurants and tap water

There are several cafes serving coffee, refreshments and fast food in the event centre. There is also a pub in the event expo area. There are also drinking tap water refill points available.

Methods of payment

Cash and payment cards are accepted in the event expo. Nonetheless we recommend visitors to take some cash with them to ensure smooth service. Currency is Euro.

Litter and waste sorting

There are several rubbish bins in the stadium area. The organisers wish that the visitors will help them keeping the event clean by taking all litter to rubbish bins.

Leaving the Stadium

The spectators are allowed to leave the Stadium area during the day, and enter again later during the day by showing their tickets. So keep your ticket safe!

Lost and found

The lost and found office is at the event centre in the info stand during the event days. After the event the lost and found items are kept at the Tampereen Pyrintö office in Pyhäjärvenkatu 5 for one week.