Finland are showing future large scale sports events how it´s done, responsibly

When it comes to environmental responsibilities of sporting events, the IAAF World U20 Championships in Tampere are taking the extra mile by setting concrete sustainability goals to reduce waste and emissions during the event. The event organisers are making visible sustainable choices to become pioneers in large scale sports events.


Drink responsibly, Water without waste

One of the goals is to considerably reduce the amount of the most difficult waste of them all; plastic.

At sports events, water plays a big role. Yet, the side product of keeping everyone hydrated is the abundant amount of thrown away plastic bottles. The event in Tampere is set on reducing plastic waste by making sure that disposable plastic bottles will become a thing of the past.

For most people in the world the idea of drinking water straight from the tap feels like a strange or even scary idea. In Finland on the other hand, it is a no-brainer to choose what water to drink. In addition to being completely safe and fresh, Finnish tap water makes disposable water bottles completely useless. The IAAF World U20 Championships have taken on the mission to ensure that each and every visitor and partaker is aware of the liquid gold available at every household or public tap in Finland.

All roughly 2500 team members and athletes will be provided durable bottles, made of BPA free plastic, which they can fill with water wherever there is a tap at hand. The bottles work as motivation to drink responsibly, without producing any plastic waste from bottles or cups. In fact, disposable water bottles will not be provided at all, since Finnish tap water is proven purer than most bottled water. As it is customary in Finland even the event hotels and restaurants provide water pitchers with tap water, reducing plastic waste considerably.


City bikes from Ecofellows

The company Ecofellows Ltd. promotes the championships sustainability plan by providing 30 city bikes to be used during the event.

The IAAF World U20 Championships promote sustainable choices in transportation and together with Ecofellows are able to provide a more sustainable alternative for a car. The city centre of Tampere is compact and distances are easy to tackle by bike. The Tampere Stadium is in the heart of the city, which makes moving by bike not only more responsible, but also easier.

“It is important to consider environmental aspects in events like this. Ecological arrangements are necessary and sensible. Many things are easier to do by bike, without having to use a car”, the project manager of Ecofellows, Olli Vakkala explains.

The citybikes are primarily offered to help the local event organisers and team members to get around quickly and efficiently.