Championships school project is presenting participating countries

Students of local schools in Tampere are thrilled that the IAAF World U20 Championships are hosted in their home city. In fact, third and sixth graders of the Wivi Lönn -elementary school have taken on a special project to get acquainted with the cultures represented at the sports event and share their art and knowledge with the whole city of Tampere, including visitors and partakers of the event.

Over 200 students are creating introductory posters for countries taking part in the Championships. Students are releasing their inner artists by drawing flags and working on their global knowledge by writing short introductions for each nation.

“I believe it was a great idea to involve students in the marketing for the Championships. This way they get to experience some variety to normal school, while getting to know different nations all around the world”, says one of the organisers of the school project Mikko Uotila.

The 9 to 13-year-old students were thrilled about the project since it was a different kind of task than what they usually get in school. Students were given the artistic freedom to make the posters look original, while following the same guidelines.

“The art looks great and will definitely gain interest and admiration around the city”, says Uotila.

The artwork is displayed all around the city centre of Tampere, bringing joy and interesting facts to people passing by during and around the IAAF World U20 Championships in July.