Finnish junior athletes can´t wait for the competition to start

-I´m very excited. It´s such an amazing experience to run in the world championships in front of my home audience, says sprinter Samuel Purola. All the athletes present at the World U20 Championships briefing event in Tampere share these feelings.

Purola, together with around twenty other athletes aiming for the U20 championships in July participated in the briefing event in Tampere. The focus of the briefing was on practical matters as well as getting ready for the competition.

-What a great feeling it must be to compete in front of my home audience. I get my energy from it, pole-vaulter Saga Andersson agrees with Purola.

Purola and Andersson as well as hurdler Viivi Lehikoinen are all athletes who qualify for the European championships for adults next summer. Thus, the competition in July is the most important one for Lehikoinen this season.

-I am more excited about the junior championships. With adults it´s more about gaining experience, whereas junior competitions have different goals and people you know around you. In junior competitions you can meet with your friends from abroad and the competition is more equal, says Lehikoinen


Purola: I don´t set goals for myself

After a great indoor season Purola has continued with his training with success and is very motivated. He is also set to succeed in the world championships in July.

-After the indoor season I have trained my basic condition. Now the training is less intensive. I am joining a training camp in Tenerife on Saturday. It´s my first training camp in the southern Europe this far. I am very intrigued, says Purola.

Last summer Purola ran 100 and 200 metres 10,31 and 20,84. He took home a medal from both performances at the U20 European championships. The young runner is careful about what to expect from this summer, yet he finds himself to be a possible threat to Tommi Hartonen´s 100 metre Finnish Championship record of 10,21.

-I don´t set myself any limits. If I am fully honest, I´m not sure either what my condition will be like in the summer. Competitions in the beginning of the summer will show what my performances in July could look like. I´ve improved myself during training quite a lot and could break my own records, Purola thinks.

Purola has followed his father and trainer Mika Purola´s good advice within a successful training program.

-When you have a good program it´s useless to change it. Now that in the past few weeks the training hasn´t been as intensive my condition has rocketed.

Andersson: Time for new poles

Andersson won the Finnish championship in Hesinki during the indoor season by jumping 440. After that training has been efficient with visible results. Andersson is approaching the summer with top condition, which calls for new poles for the new season.

– Training this spring has gone great. I have acquired more strength and speed. My jump technique has improved the most. The goal is to jump with 16 steps instead of 14 this summer, Andersson says.

– The current poles are sufficient for training but during the Finnish championships I jumped with the stiffest pole I had, which means new ones are necessary this summer. Even the grip height has risen 5-10 cm with a slow pace. I feel the jump has better continuation and rhythm with a higher grip.


Lehikoinen: Improvement in running and technique

Also Lehikoinen has had a positive direction in his training. During the indoor season she focused on training and on finishing her upper secondary school final examination. She attended less competitions to not burden herself too much with too many responsibilities.

The plan worked. She finished her final exams successfully and now she can focus on a more efficient training to get ready for the competition season.

-I am joining a training camp in a week. Since the training there is more intensive, I will gain more confidence for the competition. 400 metre hurdling requires competitions and training to get results, Lehikoinen explains

-I´m not so sure about my own condition. All has gone well during practice and my running and technique have improved.


Väänänen: Goal set on a medal

Hammer thrower Kiira Väänänen is not shy to admit that she is set on getting a medal at the world championships in Tampere. Along with Purola and Lehikoinen, Väänänen has already collected some metal for her trophy closet from junior championships. Two years ago she gained third place at the U18 European championships.

-I am aiming for the podium. I don’t want to go into a competition thinking I would settle for eight place. I know that if I do well, I have a chance to get a medal, says Väänänen.

Getting a medal at the junior World championships is one goal, but Väänänen is also aiming for other merits.

-Since I was a little girl I´ve dreamt of throwing over 70 metres. With a 3kg hammer it was not possible but with a 4kg one I´ll make it, Väänänen announces.

Kiira Väänänen

Tap water is safe to drink in Finland

Part of the event eco plan we only supply tap water to the teams instead of bottled water.

Finland’s tap water is among the highest quality in the world and is not only completely safe but a pleasure to drink. In Finland tap water has been found to be significantly cleaner than bottled water. A research by the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has shown that bottled water may have up to 100 times more microbes than tap water. Tap water fulfills both Finnish and the European Union requirements and recommendations for the quality of drinking water (Decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health).

Drinking water supply in Tampere is provided by Tampere Water, the municipal enterprise for water services. Most of the raw water is surface water from two lakes (Lake Roine and Lake Näsijärvi) and it is thoroughly treated before distribution. About one third of the tap water is groundwater, which is treated and pumped at multiple groundwater intakes. Groundwater is formed from rainwater by natural filtration through sand and gravel layers of the eskers (ridges) in Tampere and its neighbourhood.

The microbiological quality of all water (both surface water and groundwater)  is ensured by disinfection with chlorine or sodium hypochlorite before pumping to the distribution network. Municipal health authorities and Tampere Water monitor water quality frequently.

Tampere Water celebrates its 120th anniversary (1898 – 2018). Tampere Water provides each participant of the IAAF World U20 Championships with an empty water bottle, which can be filled and refilled straight from the tap.

More information:


Athletics Carnivals – Competitions before Champs in Finland

Your Team has the opportunity to compete before World  U20 Championships in Finland at Athletics Carnivals on 28th June – 1st  July 2018. Every year about 3000 athletes arrives for Carnivals to participate in top class venues.

The venues are located in different cities or in the neighborhood of them around in Finland. Each event has their own carnivals.


Carnivals / Location

Sprints and hurdles / Jämsänkoski  (near the city of Jyväskylä)

* 28th June: M/M U20: 110m H, 400m H , W/ W U20 : 100m H, 400m H

* 1st July: M/M U20 / W/ W U20 : 100m, 200m, 400m

* contact: Markku Suomalainen , +358 40 506 6921


Long Distance, Long Jump, Triple Jump, R.Walk / Jämsä (near Jyväskylä)

* 28th June: M/W  800m, 1000m R.Walk , 3000 R.Walk   M U20 / W U20 : 800m, 3000m, Long Jump, Triple Jump

* 30th June: M/W 1500m, 5000m, 10 000m, 3000m st, Long Jump, Triple Jump, 10 000m R.Walk /5000m R.Walk M U20 / W U20 : 1500m, 5000m R.Walk

* contact: Marja Pekkarinen , +358 400 294 253


High Jump / Virrat  (near the city of Tampere)

* 28th June: M U20 / W U20 : High Jump

* 30th June: M/W: High Jump

* contact:  Hanna-Leena Haavisto  , +358 44 073 7761


Pole Vault / Somero  (near the city of Turku and Helsinki)

* 28th June: M/W/ M U20 / W U20 : Pole Vault

* 30th June: M/W: Pole Vault

* 1st July: M/W: Pole Vault

* contact:  Veera Hälli, +358 44 779 1264


Discus, Shot Put / Kokemäki (near the city of  Pori)

* 28th June: M U20 / W U20 : Discus, Shot Put

* 30th June: M/W: Discus, Shot Put

* contact:  Paula Järvi , +358 040 7583 831


Javelin / Pihtipudas  (near the city of  Jyväskylä)

* 28th June: M U20 / W U20 : Javelin

* 1st July: M/W: Javelin

* contact: Kimmo Kinnunen, +358 50 598 8992


Hammer / Kaustinen  (near the cities of Seinäjoki and Kokkola)     

* 28th June: M U20 / W U20 : Hammer

* 30th June: M/W: Hammer

* contact: Kalle Lehmusvuori   +358 44 555 0146

Team hotel information

Tampere offers high quality accommodation for the teams. Almost all the hotels are located within the walking distance from the Stadium and farthest distance approximately 2 kilometers.


Varala Sport Institution
Hotel website.

Varala Sport Institution: The oldest Sport Institution in Finland, contributor of physical education and wellness. In Varala you will come to live in the middle of nature.


Solo Sokos Hotel Torni
Hotel website

The hotel is located in the heart of Tampere next to the railway station. Reaching a height of 88 metres, the modern hotel tower combined with the old locomotive depots provide the best possible environment to experience the enticing story of Tampere. A vantage point to see the city and the world!


Scandic Tampere Station
Hotel website

A modern and trendy city hotel right in the centre of Tampere, next to the railway station and the shopping streets. The hotel has a relaxed restaurant, a comfortable summer terrace and excellent meeting facilities.


Scandic Tampere City
Hotel website

Scandic Tampere City has a central location in the centre of Tampere. The hotel is located right across from the railway station, close to the best shopping streets. Modern rooms, a well-equipped gym and the restaurant Piazza Foodfactory to guarantee a relaxed hotel experience.


Scandic Tampere Hämeenpuisto
Hotel website

Hotel is a cosy and peaceful place for relaxing next to the Hämeenpuisto park. Our modern and spacious rooms and extensive room selection cater for all needs


Scandic Tampere Koskipuisto
Hotel website

The hotel is a cosy and quiet place to rest in the centre of Tampere. The location next to the atmospheric Tammerkoski rapids and Koskipuisto park offer the opportunity to enjoy beautiful scenery in a quiet environment, yet right in the city centre.


Scandic Hotel Rosendahl
Hotel website

Hotel is located beside beautiful Lake Pyynikki and and enjoys a magnificent natural.
In the summer you can enjoy the beach next door. The hotel offers extensive recreational facilities. You’ll find among other things a swimming pool, sauna, modern gym and squash court.


Holiday Inn
Hotel website

Hotel is a welcoming central Tampere hotel next to the railway station with a fitness centre. Cozy modern rooms feature pillow menus to help you get a great night’s sleep.


Lapland Hotels Tampere
Hotel website

Lapland Hotels Tampere offers you a chance to experience Lapland in the heart of a city. The 141 rooms of the centrally located hotel have been decorated with skill and style to suit the taste of even the most quality conscious guests. The design of the rooms was influenced by nature and the stories of Lapland.



Tampere Stadium is the heart of the U20 championships medal

IAAF World U20 Championships Tampere medal has been designed by local artist Jenni Laine. Tampere Stadium, the championships venue, is located right in the middle of the medal as it´s heart.

– The stadium is the beating heart of the medal, the core of the city. I also wanted other important elements of the city to the medal, which are lakes Näsi and Pyhä and the Pyynikki ridge area around the stadium, Laine clarifies.

Jenni Laine has experience in designing the medals for athletics championships also before. Her masterpiece was five years ago the Tampere U23 European Championships medal.

As a profession Laine works as a PE teacher at Varala Sports Institute and enjoys leisure time with painting, especially with oil paintings. She has a degree in art education as well as a degree in physical education.

The President of The Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö will be the ambassador of the event – 100 days to go

Tampere is feverishly preparing to welcome the worlds best young athletes to the town. IAAF World U20 Championships will be held at Tampere Stadium 10-15th of July so only 100 days. The President of The Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö will be the ambassador of the event.

Approaching of the championships is visible and shown concretely with the numerous contacts all over the world. From April to May, various countries will be coming with the delegations to see the event places says LOC General secretary Elisa Hakanen.

Ticket sales has started and all types of competition visual elements has been started to build around Tampere city area. The competition organisation is mainly ready even though volunteer recruiting will continue in the near future.

Championships venue Tampere Stadium gives great surroundings to follow the competitions by it´s compact size and location right in the center of the city. All the athletes team hotels are walking distance – or short bus ride away from the stadium and around the stadium is also Tampere’s diverse services such as restaurants and cafes, Elisa Hakanen continues.


Competition Director Oksanen: Experienced and trained competition delegation

Competition Director Pasi Oksanen leads experienced and trained competition delegation in Tampere. Competition organisation forms mostly from organizing sport club´s Tampereen Pyrintö´s own staff, so there will be very few external judges. With this kind of competition it´s quite unusual says Oksanen.

This delegation is experienced a lot together organizing many high level competitions like the 2013 European Athletics U23 Championships in Tampere. This years World U20 Championships test competition for the whole LOC will be European Athletics ECCC Track and Field Senior Group B which will be staged in Tampere on 26th of May. IAAF delegates will attend this test event and follow how things are going. All the feedback will give important information about July.

Including athletes and other team members IAAF World U20 Championships are expected some 2,500 visitors from 160 countries. Team Finland will be around 30-40 athletes for whom the competition will be unique experience. Competing in front of home audience is an opportunity that does not happen to every athlete during sport´s career says Finnish U20 Team Leader ex-sprinter Hannu Hämäläinen.

Championships venue Tampere Stadium

Championships venue Tampere Stadium is located in the middle of the city only 700 meters from the Central Square and 1000 meters from the Main Railway Station. It has high-class athletic facilities with modern equipment with class 1 certificate.

The stadium seats approximately 16,800 spectators, of which 4 000 are located in a covered main tribune. Inside the building there are facilities for wrestling, team gymnastics and other indoor exercise, as well as a fitness room, a cafeteria and meeting rooms.

It was built for the Finnish Athletics Championships (Kalevan kisat) in 1965, was thoroughly renovated in 1995-2004 and got partly new layout and new track surface 2016.

Tickets available now!

U20 Championships ticket sale is open now! All ticket options are available at store linked below.

The aim is to fill in the stadium and create amazing athmosphere during the whole week. Ticket prices wanted to keep low to allow as much spectators to participate the competitions as possible.

>> Ticket webstore

Young stars at Tampere

Would you like to see the future athletic stars on track? Great possibility to do that is the IAAF World U20 Championships in mid July at Tampere stadium.

For example London 2017 World Championships 200 meter finalist Japanese Abdul Hakim Sani Brown, who run at the age of 18 results 10,05 at 100 meter and 20,32 at 200 meter. Swedish pole vaulter Armand Duplantis jumped last summer at the age of 17 result 590. The list of top athletes can be continued with Cuban Maykel D. Masson who were fifth at London 2017 long jump final. He jumped last summer 833 and won previous U20 Championships in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Fast runners at track; McLaughlin, Hill, Cooper

On of the stars at Tampere can be also 400m hurdles junior world record 53,82 holder American Sydney McLaugh and previous 100m U20 champion American Candace Hill. Her record is 10,98 and last summer 11,23. Mens 400m American star Tyrese Cooper have ran previous summer at the age of 17 time 45,23 and last summer 45,38. From Jamaica can participate mens 110m hurdles U18 World Champion Dejour Russell who´s record is 13,32.

Top speed at long distance races

Long distance runs have also long been at the top level in junior World Championships. Kenyan Justus Soget, 18, have run 1500 meters 3.32,97 or 5000 meter defending champion Ethiopian Selemon Barega, 18, record is 12.55,58. At the Kenyan team can also be womens steeplechase junior world record, 8.58,78 , holder Cellphine Chespol who is defending her U20 gold and was sixth at London 2017 Championships.

Bydgoszcz winner at womens 800 meter race American Sammy Watson have run 2.00,65 and can also be seen in Tampere.

Throwers like American shot putter Adrian Piper record with 6kg shot is 20,80 and British Jake Norris have thrown 6-kilo hammer 78,09. Turkish Ismet Pekbak´s record with mens javelin is 75,27.